At William Torbitt we value and enjoy Maths as a subject. We know it provides vital life skills. However, we also appreciate the chances it gives us to think differently, to solve problems, and to stretch ourselves to the limits!

It’s the school’s aim to ensure all pupils leave able to both succeed in and appreciate Maths.

To promote the learning of Maths at William Torbitt we…

• Begin to learn and think about numbers from Nursery all the way up to year 6.

• Have discrete, daily maths lessons from Reception onwards.

• Teach a broad mathematics curriculum that covers the full range of the 2014 National Curriculum.

• Focus on developing both mental and written calculation skills; understanding that both are important and have their place.

• Use maths across the curriculum, to enrich other subjects and make practical use of our skills and understanding.

• Have special ‘Fluency Friday’ sessions designed to develop core skills and approaches to reasoning.

• Provide lots of opportunities for pupils engage in problem solving and explaining activities.

• Use a well-developed calculation policy to ensure that understanding and skills are built securely one upon the other.

• Aim for pupils to ‘master’ areas of maths, showing a deep understanding and application of a skill or topic, rather than moving straight on to something different.

• Use online resources, such as ‘MyMaths‘, to promote and support the learning and development of maths skills both in school and at home.

• Have pupil ‘Maths Leaders’ who help encourage and support other children, develop our curriculum alongside teachers, and act as ambassadors for this great subject!

• Have whole school ‘Maths Challenges’ designed to engage and stretch pupils of every age.

• Have a staff ‘Maths Team’ who work together to investigate, trial, share and support new and ever better approaches to teaching this subject across the school.


Click below to see the school’s Maths Calculation Policy

WTPS Calculation Policy-2