At William Torbitt Primary School we aim to provide a diet of education that is fun and creative for our pupils; a curriculum which is broad and balanced and inspires them to be lifelong learners; a curriculum that is diverse and individualised to the different cultures and religions represented in our school; a curriculum that is taught through the eyes of the child, where they have had their say and been part of the design and make-up of what takes place – a person centred approach. We aim to equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and vocabulary they need to be successful both during their time at William Torbitt and as they head out into the future.

Everything we with regards to our curriculum at William Primary School is guided by these principles – every lesson, every activity, should be able to draw a line back to at least one of these principles.

Our spotlight principle, which will change as and when necessary, highlights something specific that we feel needs developing within our curriculum. This may be in response to events happening nationally, globally or locally, or may link to a specific issue within the school. Whilst the focus may move on from time to time, the intention is that the impact of spotlighting – the way in which it has changed, developed and improved the curriculum – is retained and leaves the curriculum stronger as a result.



To find out more about our curriculum, please see our year group and subject specific pages or contact the school office.