Thank you for continuing to support your child with their phonics and reading. On this page you will find links to some websites which you may find useful, and also copies of the sheets given out over the year for you to download and practise at home.

Mr Thorne does phonics – This is the homepage for Mr Thorne, a former teacher who goes through each sound we teach in school.  Although there are some resources which you can pay for, there are plenty of free resources as well. This site is also useful if you want to check that children are pronouncing sounds correctly.

Phonics Play – Again, there are sections which require subscription but also a lot of really good games which can be accessed for free. The children are used to this website so will probably be able to help you navigate the site!

Jolly Phonics Songs – These songs are useful for children at the beginning of Phase 2 and 3, or can be used as a fun way to revise the sounds.  Phase 2 covers initial sounds of alphabet letters and Phase 3 introduces two letters one sound and three letters one sound.

WORD Lists

These are the sheets that have been sent out over the year for you to download if you need them. If you prefer, you can use the sounds and choose words of your own.

Alien words are just ‘made up’ words which use the same sounds.

Phase 2 & 3 CVC Alien words 

Phase 2 & 3 CVC

Phase 2 & 3 Consonant Digraphs

Phase 3 Vowel Digraphs

Phase 3 & 4 Words

Phase 5 Spring 1

Phase 5 Spring 2

Phase 5 Summer 1