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The letters that we send can also be found below:




EYFS Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter 2022

Year 1 and 2 Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter 2022

Year 3 and 4 Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter 2022

Year 5 Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter 2022

Year 6 Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter 2022




June 2022

Sports Days 2022 (sent 20.06.2022)

Superhero Gift Shop (sent 08.06.2022)

May 2022

Jubilee Week at WTPS (sent 31.05.2022)

Non Uniform Day on 26th of May (sent 20.05.2022)

Queen’s Jubilee Promotional Lunch Menu (sent 18.05.2022)

April 2022

Polling Day Remote Learning (sent 28.04.2022)

EID Leave of Absence Request (sent 28.04.2022)

Years 3-5 After School School Choir (sent 27.04.2022)

Redbridge SEATSS Family Carer Conference on 11th June 2022

After School Clubs in Summer Term 1 (sent 22.04.2022)

Redbridge COVID Vaccination Letter 5-11 year olds (sent 07.04.2022)

Menu Summer Term 2022 (sent 05.04.2022)

Child Friendly Anti-bullying Policy (sent 05.04.2022)

Stay Safe Stay Well Newsletter Spring 22 (sent 05.04.2022)

Year 5&6 Fasting Letter (Ramadan 2022)

March 2022

Whatsapp Parent Guide (sent 30.03.2022)

Redbridge SEND – Virtual Focus Groups (sent 25.03.2022)

School Ambassadors Healthy Eating Day (sent 24.03.2022)

Red Nose Day 2022 (sent 11.03.2022)

Tiny Forest Information (sent 08.03.2022)

Staff Appreciation Fortnight (sent 07.03.2022)

WTPS Parent, Carer, Visitor Code of Conduct (sent 03.03.2022)

Conflict in Ukraine (sent 01.03.2022)

February 2022

Someone Special Gift Shop Poster (sent 24.02.2022)

Guidance on who can and cannot be a school governor (sent 22.02.2022)

Parent Governor Elections Letter (sent 22.02.2022)

Breakfast and After School Club (sent 21.02.2022)

January Newsletter (sent 01.02.2022)

January 2022

Lunchtime Music Clubs for Spring Term 2022 (sent 24.01.2022)

PTA Annual General Meeting (sent 21.01.2022)

Online Safety Alert (sent 17.01.2022)

Karate After School Club (sent 12.01.2022)

Data Entry Sheets (sent 05.01.2022)

Pioneer Dance After School Club (sent 05.01.2022)

Football 1st After School Club (sent 04.01.2022)

December 2021

After School Clubs in Spring Term 2022 (sent 17.12.2021)

Bikeability Parent Consent Form (sent 16.12.2021)

Years 5&6 Bikeability Training Level 1&2 (sent 16.12.2021)

November & December 2021 Newsletter (sent 14.12.2021)

End of Term Arrangements and Class Parties (sent 10.12.2021)

Online Safety Live Q&A Event (sent 09.12.2021)

Redbridge Covid Management Letter (sent 07.12.2021)

Christmas Lunch Menu (sent 01.12.2021)

November 2021

Torbitt Times Special Edition (Black History Month) (sent 26.11.2021)

Online Safety Parent Event (sent 22.11.2021)

Implementation of Emergency Risk Assessment Plan (sent 19.11.2021)

Recycling School Uniform (sent 16.11.2021)

Parent Governor Nomination Form (sent 09.11.2021)

Parent Governor Elections (sent 09.11.2021)

Flu Vaccination CatchUp Session on 9th November (sent 05.11.2021)

Multicultural Celebration Event on 5th November (sent 02.11.2021)

Diwali Leave of Absence Request Form (sent 02.11.2021)

October 2021

ISS Lunch Menu Autumn Term 2 (sent 28.10.2021)

October Newsletter (sent 28.10.2021)

Parent Governor Elections (sent 22.10.2021)

Pioneer Dance Afterschool Club (sent 20.10.2021)

Black History Month at William Torbitt (sent 18.10.2021)

After School Football Club – Football 1st (sent 18.10.2021)

City Gates Church Community Kitchen (sent 15.10.2021)

Free Course on Safeguarding Children Online (sent 14.10.2021)

Year 6 Residential Trip to Kingswood Activity Centre (sent 06.10.2021)

Residential Trip – letter to Year 5 parents (sent 08.10.2021)

PTA Firework Evening on 03.11.2021 (sent 05.10.2021)

Year 6 Geography Field Trip Autumn 1 (sent 04.10.2021)

Risk Assessment Plan & Letter (sent 04.10.2021)

Letter to School Community – Consent Form (sent 04.10.2021)

Sharing Assemblies – Autumn Term 2021 (sent 01.10.2021)

September 2021

September 2021 Newsletter (sent 30.09.2021)

Flu Vaccination (sent 27.09.2021)

Online Safety Event for Parents/carers (sent 23.09.2021)

RSE Consultation Day 2 Questions (sent 17.09.2021)

Parent Consultations – Autumn Term 1 (sent 17.09.2021)

Jeans for Genes Day (sent 14.09.2021)

Extra-Curricular Activity Clubs (sent 13.09.2021)

Parent Information Meetings (sent 07.09.2021)

Return to School Letter (sent 02.09.2021)

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