School Office

The school office is manned from 8am-4pm (40 hours) every day during term time. Outside of these hours we have an answerphone.


The office is open daily for parents from 8.00am-10:00am and 2:00pm-4.00pm.


We request that where possible, parents pay online for school meals, trips and visits but that if you need to pay in cash you visit the school office during the above times when a member of the team will be available to help you.


Outside of the above hours, the only exceptions are as follows:

–          Child’s medical appointment (you are encouraged to book these appointments outside of the school day)

–          Administering medication

–          To drop off your child’s prescription glasses


Please ensure that your child/ren come to school fully equipped with their book bag, coat, PE kit, water bottle, musical instrument, homework and lunch.


The office may be unable to accommodate onsite requests outside of the office opening hours.


The school office is usually open 10am until 2pm during the school holidays, but please call ahead to avoid disappointment.


A member of the senior leadership team is available to see parents and carers every day should the need arise.  If you specifically need to meet with the headteacher, please speak to a member of the office team who will arrange this for you at the earliest available time.


The School Day

(32.5 hours)