WILLIAM TORBITT PRIMARY SCHOOL RULES (in addition to our 8 personal goals): 

Arrival and departure 

1. All children should arrive in school by 9.00 am. (Nursery children should arrive promptly at 8.45 am / 12.30 pm.)

2. Before and after school, children are not allowed on the adventure play equipment or the field.

3. For the safety of small children in the playground, ball games are not allowed and all scooters and bicycles must be pushed.

4. At the end of the day, children must not leave with a parent / carer until they have let their class teacher know.

Playground and playtimes 

1. Children should play in sight of the staff on duty at all times.

2. Playing around the sheds and fire escape staircase is not permitted.

3. Children must not go on any playground equipment unless they are supervised by a member of staff.

4. Rotas for playground equipment use and for football are displayed on the exit doors and windows leading out to the playground.

5. Only foam balls are allowed to be used in the playground at playtimes; children can bring in their own foam balls and skipping ropes if they wish to for use at playtime (school play equipment only is to be used at lunchtime).

6. Children should remember to go to the toilet during playtimes / lunchtimes so that they do not have to leave the classroom during lesson time.

7. Playing in and around the toilets is not allowed.

8. Children are not allowed in the school building at playtimes / lunchtimes unless they have prefect pass / lunchtime pass.

9. At the end of playtime, when the bell goes, children stand still and quiet (all balls are picked up). On the second bell, all children walk to their class line.

Property and possessions 

1. Money should only be brought into school for a specific and agreed purpose.

2. The only items of jewellery allowed are watches, small studs (or sleeper earrings which must be removed or covered before PE), or religious jewellery (eg Sikh Kara bangle, Rakhi bracelet).

3. Any religious jewellery must be removed for PE. If it physically cannot be removed, it must be taped to the body to prevent it getting caught on apparatus or equipment.

4. If a child walks to school by themselves and needs to bring a mobile phone to school, they must provide a letter from their parent, and the phone must be left in and collected from the school reception office on a daily basis. Any child found with a mobile phone or other electronic device without such a letter will have it confiscated, to be collected by a parent / carer from the headteacher.

5. Toys or electronic games are not allowed in school.


1. Full and appropriate school uniform should be worn at all times (no hoodies, jogging or tracksuit bottoms, tops with patterns, pictures or logos).

  • Only plain navy blue, school style jumpers, cardigans, or WTPS school sweatshirts
  • White school shirt / polo shirt
  • Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
  • Blue & white checked summer dress
  • White / grey / navy blue headscarf
  • Black shoes or trainers

2. PE clothes – white t-shirt and black/navy blue shorts/leggings/jogging bottoms in cold weather

Food and drinks 

1. Only fruit, vegetable snacks, fruit winders, cheese, crackers, breadsticks and water can be brought in as playtime snacks.

2. Sweets are only allowed in school as part of a birthday celebration and must be totally free from nuts.

3. A small bottle of water can be brought into the classroom during lessons and to have at playtimes.