At WTPS music plays an important role in our children’s education. It is used to unite the children in our assemblies, exploring many different styles of music. We have a music specialist teacher who teaches music to every class in the school. We aim to provide a sense of enjoyment and a positive attitude that inspires pupils to develop the love of music. Children develop their skills in singing, playing a range of instruments and composing. Every child in Year 2 learns to play the recorder so that they develop the confidence and skills in one instrument. As the children go through the school, they have the opportunity to play their recorders at the Royal Albert Hall in the school festival. Children are given the opportunity to perform solo or group pieces in assemblies and school concerts in order to encourage and celebrate individual talent. The children at WTPS also have the opportunity to learn piano, violin and guitar with specialist music teachers that come into school. Music is part of school life and we aim to provide children with the skills and appreciation which will allow them to access any form of music they wish to now and in years ahead.